ASB-Associated Student Body

ASB-Associated Student Body

The ASB is a group of student leaders committed to the long-term goal of re-imagining what school culture means and looks like in the wake of COVID-19 and distance learning. We truly believe we are creating the future. Our mission is to contribute to a positive and safe environment in which all students feel welcome. We promote school unity through a variety of activities including spirit days, lunch-time activities, and ongoing communication designed to inspire and uplift our campus community.

ASB students also learn and practice lessons connected to organizational goals and financial responsibility. We stock and run the student store, which carries a variety of healthy snacks and school-branded clothing. We also make decisions on expenditures that impact extra-curricular activities and classroom learning. In addition, we support and guide teachers and students who are interested in forming extra-curricular clubs to promote learning and social relationships.

The ASB officers for the 2023-24 school year are:

President: Sophia Peimbert

Vice President: Breana Bell

Treasurer: Sulay Ramirez

Secretary: Sofia Ramos

Our ASB Advisor is Joel Ruiz-Barrientos, and can be reached at:

(619) 397-2550