Computer Keyboarding

Computer Keyboarding

Teacher: Mr. Bowman

Elective: Keyboarding / Business / MS Office

Students taking this class will progress in three stages; beginning, intermediate and advanced. The software we use is Applied Micro Type and MS Office 2010. This course is offered as an Elective for a semester or the entire school year. Students taking this course for a semester will either study MS Word or Excel. The first semester we study word and the second semester we study Excel and PowerPoint.   Students taking the course for the entire school year will study MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation. Both semester and full year students will study the Keyboarding component.

Basic Computer Skills

The class provides students with hands-on- practice in basic computer skills as well. An emphasis is placed on computer terminology, the Windows environment, email and internet fundamentals, data organization and file management. All students will need signed permission from their parents to access the internet. All students will have a Google Drive Account or Drop Box Account.

Keyboarding Skill Development

Students who want to improve keyboarding skills with emphasis on increasing speed and accuracy through timed exercises.

Beginning Microsoft Word

This course introduces students to the text editing features in Microsoft Word. Topics include insert, delete, find and replace, move and copy, headers and footers, pagination, character and document formatting, spell check, tables, and mail merge basics.

Intermediate Microsoft Word

This course introduces students to intermediate-level text editing features in Microsoft Word. Topics include envelopes and labels, mail merge, sorting, styles, templates, wizards, macros, document notations, tables of contents and indexes, online forms, columns, and drawing tools.

Introduction to PowerPoint

This course provides students with the basic knowledge of how to create, modify, and present PowerPoint slide shows. Students apply and modify both text and graphics. They use current software / applications to integrate other programs with PowerPoint.

Comprehensive Presentations with PowerPoint

This course is a hands-on study of the skills required to plan, develop, and deliver PowerPoint presentations on a computer and on the Web. Emphasis is placed on adding and modifying text, graphics, sound, video, and effects, such as transitions and custom slide animations. Topics also include adding, modifying and creating templates. Students learn to add, import and format data for tables and charts, to customize presentations, add interactivity, and integrate PowerPoint with other applications.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

This course is designed for students interested in learning basic Excel skills. Students receive hands-on practice in how to plan, define, create, and modify worksheets. This course covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and is intended for students without any prior experience with this program. Topics include creating and formatting worksheets and charts, managing a workbook, and using productivity features to enter functions and analyze data.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

This course covers intermediate-level functions and projects using Microsoft Excel. Topics include charts, pivot tables, functions, formulas, data validation, auto filters, macros, visual basic for applications, and collaboration with other programs. This course is intended for students interested in expanding knowledge and competency with Microsoft Excel.