Welcome to the Math Department page at Rancho Del Rey Middle School. For the 8th grade program, we have chosen the program Pre-Algebra published by Prentice Hall. Our goal is to prepare your student for a high school algebra and geometry program. Pre-Algebra is a student-centered program that includes interesting topics, authentic data sets, and real life applications to motivate the students to the mastery of the California Mathematics Content Standards.

The main topics/strands that will be taught and investigated throughout the year are as follows:

  1. Probability
  2. Number Sense
  3. Geometry
  4. Algebra and Functions
  5. Measurement

Grading Policy:

70% Assessments and 30% spiral (classwork and homework)


All students will participate in keeping a notebook/spiral and experiment with in-class and out-of-class activities with great effort while following class rules. All students with an excused absence will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. The time to turn in assignments will be equal to the time missed .

Materials Recommended:

  1. spiral (100 or more pages ) 4. red pen and a highlighter
  2. pencils and a block eraser 5. Expo white board marker and eraser
  3. graph paper 6. scientific calculator (optional)

Get Help – Online Resources

*If a username and password are required for accessing a publisher’s online resource, you must contact your teacher and get that information in person. Login data will not be emailed.


  1. Email Your Teacher from the Staff Directory
  2. Call the school and leave a message (619-397-2500)