English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Welcome to the English department home page! Please review the information below and explore the online resources we have provided. If you have questions about specific course requirements and guidelines, contact your child’s teacher for details.

English/Language Arts – Grade 7

English 7/English 7 ACC Primary Skills and Objectives



Annotate Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
• Identify Central Idea/Theme
• Determine Author’s Claim
• Draw Inferences from Texts
• Analyze Point-of-View
• Analyze Impact of Figurative Language/Literary Devices
• Evaluate Author’s Argument
• Compare and Contrast Literary Elements Across Multiple Texts
• Determining Word Meaning
• Write a Summary
• Write an Argumentative Essay
• Write an Explanatory/Informative Essay
• Write a Research Report in MLA Format
• Write a Narrative

The English 7 and English 7 Accelerated curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards and focuses on preparing student for a successful middle and high school experience.

Online Resources
• Jupiter Grades (www.jupitergrades.com)
• Canvas (https://sweetwaterschools.instructure.com)
• Achieve 3000 (www.teenbiz3000.com)
• AR Bookfind (www.arbookfind.com)
• Longman (www.ldoceonline.com)

* If a username and password are required for access to a publisher website, you can get that information in person from the the teacher. Login data will not be emailed.

English/Language Arts- Grade 8

Our goal is to help students become stronger writers and readers. We continuously strive to create an encouraging and challenging environment that supports each child’s learning and growth.
It is our expectation that eighth grade students will read daily to meet their teacher designated reading goal. Reading is a life, college, and career-readiness skill.
The eighth grade English curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards which include the disciplines of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Emphasis in writing is on Argumentation, Summary, and Informational/Expository text.
Grades are posted and updated on JupiterEd.com
Canvas is an online-interactive learning tool that is used in various ways by the students on their iPads.