Drop Off Areas

Drop Off Areas

Because we’re one of the largest middle schools in the South County, we generate a large volume of traffic before and after school. During the morning, we require parents to use the two dropoff areas that are on Paseo Ranchero on the west side of the school and on East J street in front of the school. Please do not drop off students at the driveway near Voyager Park. Also, do not stop in the middle of the street, at curbs that are painted red, or in the middle of our driveways.

Using Voyager Park

You may wish to use the parking lot at the top of Voyager Park as an additional drop off and pick up area. We want everyone to be courteous drivers and to keep safety a priority. To ease the traffic situation please preplan a meeting area for your child perhaps in the neighborhood a little bit away from the school or plan to pick up your child perhaps ten to fifteen minutes after school releases. Please consult our calendar for school release times as they vary.

Using the Front of School

If you decide to pick up your child in front of the school, it can be very difficult to make a left turn back onto East J Street. An option for avoiding the traffic is to instead turn right on J Street, pass Voyager Park and then make a left at Via Escalante. This will take you back to Paseo Ranchero. Please consider this alternate route to avoid delaying the movement of traffic in the front pickup area.