Parent Involvement

The foundation of your child’s success is our commitment to work with families while your child is enrolled at Rancho del Rey Middle. We encourage all parents to find a way to stay connected to your school and your child’s education. Our site has a wide variety of opportunities for involvement. Please contact Mr. Chris Miller for more information regarding the parent volunteer opportunities below:

PTSO Board: Parent Teacher Student Organization Elective Member
PTSO Volunteer: Help volunteer your time to help with PTSO functions
RDR Volunteer: Volunteer your time on campus during the school day. In order to volunteer on campus, you will be required to fill out a volunteer application, get fingerprinted and submit a copy of your T.B. test.
SSC: School Site Council
DPAC: District Parent Advisory Committee
ELAC: English Language Advisory Committee
DELAC: District English Language Advisory Committee

Upcoming Parent Meetings and Events

2016 – 2017 District DAC, DELAC, and Gate Meeting Schedules

• DPAC (District Advisory Committee) Meeting Dates 

Agenda 4/12/17 English          Agenda 4/12/17 Spanish

Agenda 2/22/17 English          Agenda 2/22/17 Spanish

Agenda 1/18/17 English            Agenda 1/18/17 Spanish 

Agenda 11/16/16 English           Agenda 11/16/16 Spanish

Agenda 10/5/16 English           Agenda 10/5/16 Spanish

Minutes 10/5/16 English         Minutes 10/5/16 Spanish 

Agenda 8/17/16 English           Agenda 8/17/16 Spanish

• ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) Meeting Dates 

Agenda 9/2/16 

Minutes 9/2/16 

• DELAC (District English Learner Advisory Committee) Meeting Dates

Agenda 3/16/17 English       Agenda 3/16/17 Spanish

Agenda 2/23/17 English      Agenda 2/23/17 Spanish 

Agenda 1/26/17 English       Agenda 1/26/17 Spanish

Agenda 12/8/16 English       Agenda 12/8/16 Spanish 

Agenda 11/17/16 English       Agenda 11/17/16 Spanish 

Agenda 10/6/16 English         Agenda 10/6/16 Spanish

Agenda 9/8/16 English           Agenda 9/8/16 Spanish 

Agenda 8/18/16 English        Agenda 8/18/16 Spanish 

• Gate (District Advisory Committee-Gifted And Talented Education)

Please contact Mr. Govea for more information.