iPad Agreement and Information

Below is the iPad distribution schedule.  Students must have the iPad agreement form (linked below) completed and ready to turn in the day of distribution. iPads will be issued during the students science class.

iPad Distribution:
7th grade: July 24th and 25th
8th grade: July 25th and 26th

iPad agreement form (eng)

iPad Information (eng.)

iPad agreement form (spa)

iPad Information (spa.)


Using iPads at Home

1) Your student first needs to log into your WiFi at home using your own router’s username and password.

2) Then they need to click on the iBoss app and login using their student ID and 8-digit birthdate.

3) If it works, they’ll be redirected to the Sweetwater district website. From there, they won’t be able to use Google just yet (which we’re working on), but they should be able to do searches through Yahoo search or Bing, as well as use other apps that require the Internet. They should also be able to use any website BUT Google.

If you’re encountering issues and can’t submit an assignment from home, then I suggest that your student do the work at home and then submit it when they get to school. Alternatively, if you have a computer at home, they can also submit that way.


iPad Information from our BLS

Students receive their iPads the week of July 23 if they brought their iPad user agreement to school. If they didn’t, they’ll have to wait until Monday, July 30, to get their iPad.

In order for all students’ iPads to be properly set up, each of your student’s teachers will help set up different apps and accounts on their iPad. The main apps that they’ll be using are Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Classroom, Notability, Achieve 3000, and Desmos. Various teachers will have subject-specific apps, but these are the main ones used by most students.

There will be future training’s to help you navigate not only their iPad, but also important programs such as Jupitered. Please check back for future dates and times.

Students are required to use the iPads properly according to the Rancho Del Rey Student iPad Usage Policy in order to avoid consequences and having their iPad confiscated. We encourage you to carefully read the entire policy to avoid misunderstandings. It also offers tips on how to keep your student safe with their device.

It’s also important that the iPad and its accessories (such as chargers) ONLY be used by the student for which it is assigned. This is an educational tool that is necessary for the success of your student, so we caution against letting siblings or other family members use it.

If your student has technical or hardware issues with the iPad, they need to take their iPad to the library for troubleshooting. If they need assistance with using apps on the iPad, they can email kimberly.lepre@sweetwaterschools.org or caitlin.riley@sweetwaterschools.org. For immediate help, they can visit the Genius Bar with Mr. Castaneda in room 601 during 8th grade Advisory.