Incoming 7th Grade Orientation

Dear parents and guardians,
I would like to welcome you and your child to Rancho Del Rey Middle. My team and I look forward to collaborate with you and your principal to make the transition to middle school as smooth as possible for our incoming 7th grade students.

For the 21-22 school year we will be conducting our incoming 7th grade orientation virtually.

The purpose of the virtual orientation is to provide an overview of our school programs and to ease your students transition to middle school. Along with the power point we will include a virtual tour of the RDR campus. Please click on the link here: 3) Orientation Video: This a 10-minute orientation video for students and parents with information about bell schedule, courses, programs offered at Rancho del Rey Middle.  VIDEO

During the presentation, the counseling team will provide your students with the information they need to register for their 7th grade year. This includes an explanation of the courses they will be taking and the choice of electives that we offer. My administrative team will also inform the students about the one to one iPad program as well as discuss the Royal Way.

I have included a separate link where you and your child can view short clips on the various elective classes we offer. This is a 13 and half minute video of all the electives offered at Rancho del Rey Middle. VIDEO

You can also access individual videos on the 7th-grade registration tab on the counseling website.

To begin the enrollment process please be sure to check the School Locator link here to confirm that Rancho Del Rey Middle is your home school: School of Residence Locator

Once you have confirmed that RDR is your home school please begin the registration process by completing the incoming 7th grade course selection form. Parents are able to select their child’s elective and opt into any of the available accelerated courses.
English Version

Spanish Version

You may also view all the above links on our counselor school website link here.

All parents will need to complete an online registration application in March which will require proof of residency and updated immunizations to enroll in 7th grade. This information will be sent out in early March.

We look forward to working to having your child attend Rancho Del Rey Middle for the 2021-2022 school year in July. Please feel free to contact me or my team with any questions.

Assistant Principal 7th Grade:    Dr. Yolanda Lewis-Williams
Assistant Principal 8th Grade:    Mr. Wahib Wahib

Mr. Sevilla                          A-Cas (Monday- Thursday)
Mrs. Hammond-Funke     Cat- Godi
Mr. Mendez-Bautista         Gods- Mari
Mrs. Ortega                      Marquez- Rodriguez, H
Mrs. Ortiz                         Rodriguez I, – Z

Ms. Melanie Armour

Ms. Michelle Bell

Ms. Vanessa Bueno


Mr. Juan Ulloa
Rancho Del Rey Middle
619) 397-2500