Disneyland Trip April 28th


Students attending the Disneyland trip this Saturday please arrive at the pavilion by 6:15 am. Do not block the bus lanes.

Please make sure you have a cell phone and that it is fully charged or with a buddy that has a cell phone. Keep it turned on all day!

 Remember NO student may broad without a valid picture RDM ID. You may purchase a replacement for $5 at the ASB. Find your bus line in the Pavilion of the Cultural Arts Center. Stay in the bus line and listen to your chaperones. On the bus girls must sit with girls and boys must sit with boys. Students will be given their ticket upon arrival at Disneyland. They are responsible for replacing any lost ticket. If there is an emergency at the parks, please go to the first aid station and they will contact Mrs. Black immediately.

Make sure to return to the bus at Disneyland by 5:45 pm. We will leave at 6:00 pm. Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact you if you are late.  Students not at the bus will be left at Disneyland and their parents will be called to pick them up. YOU MUST RETURN HOME ON THE SAME BUS Any student not on the bus at 6:00 pm will face disciplinary consequences.

Student Pick Up

Buses will be loading/unloading at the front of campus. If your parents need to park tell them to park in the side driveway along Paseo Ranchero or at Voyager Park and walk over to get you. If they block the driveway or the bus unloading lane no one will be able to get on/off the buses.

If your parents cause a traffic pattern, they will be expected to pay the $125 additional fee per hour for the bus drivers.

If you are not picked up in a timely manner you will be referred to the Assistant principal for discipline or the police maybe called. Remind your parents that you will be returning at approximately 8:00 pm.