Counseling Center

The Counseling Team at RDM is available during school hours and provides a full range of support and intervention services for students. Referrals to local agencies and specialists may be available for situations beyond the scope of the school setting.

Mrs. Friedson A- CORR

Mrs. Hammond-Funke CORT – GUTIERREZ

Mr. Mendez-Bautista GUTIZA – MELENA


Mrs. Ortiz ROJAS – Z

Students must complete and submit a Counselor Request Form at the Counseling Office prior to meeting with a counselor unless an emergency or administrative situation arises. No schedule changes will be made except under very specific and compelling circumstances allowable under the academic program guidelines. Students are expected to remain with their assigned course schedule for the entire school year.

Counseling Center Staff Directory

2017 Course selection presentations

8th grade

Incoming 7th grade. Click here for the counselors presentation schedule for our feeder elementary schools.

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WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT FORM: Download and print the Weekly Progress Report form.  The form is then carried by the student to all his/her teachers on both Thursday and Friday for feedback from each teacher.